An Introduction

December 05, 2015

So... Hello!

My name is Mia, that is my face, and I am a 19 year old student currently living in Bath. I love beauty and fashion and after many years of putting it off, I have finally made a blog so I can share my ideas and thoughts with the world. Obviously as a student, I am living off a budget, so I hope to find people in the same situation as me, with their own advice, tips and tricks on how to be chic with a budget that's bleak. (Ha..)

I will be writing posts about my favourite products, make up looks and outfits of the day. Reviews of things will probably also be a common theme. Mainly I hope to help people, perhaps give inspiration and share my little secrets with others.

I hope this is a hobby I keep up, and I look forward to the (possible) future of this blog!

Thanks for reading,
Mia x

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