My Daily Skin Care Routine

January 10, 2016


I am very fortunate in that I have always had fairly clear skin- the only blemishes I tend to get are hormonal ones, and now as I am on the pill and very rarely have my period (slight TMI), don't often experience. However, my skin is ridiculously dry. So much so that if I wait too long after cleansing to put my moisturiser on, my skin dries up like a prune and I'm left with scales. I call it 'dandruff face'.

But, after many years of frantically reapplying balms and moisturisers to my face, I have found a satisfying solution in my skin care routine that finally leaves me with supple, soft skin devoid of flakes. So fear not, other 'reptilian skin' beings- I have found a mystic ritual to grant us the powers of perfect skin.

Before I start though, I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to Caroline Hirons- the goddess of skin care- for helping me find this routine.

The Routine~

I start in the evening, which I believe to be the most important time of day for skin care. The whole "your skin repairs itself at night" is a myth. As Caroline Hirons says in this wonderful blog post- "Your skin sleeps when you're dead."- not when you sleep. Your skin is exposed to less harm at night, this is true, but it still needs you to help it to repair. I also find having an evening skin care routine very relaxing, like a calming ritual to help me sleep at night.

Make-up Removal
This is the first step. Using Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water on cotton pads, I gently rub-off my mascara and other eye make-up until all traces are gone. I then wipe clean pads all over my face, removing heavier make-up such as my contour. 

First Cleanse
Here, I use Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish on dry skin, gently massaging it into my skin in small circles, starting from the centre of my face outwards. Then, I use a damp muslin cloth to remove the cleanser, wiping again in small circles and using a clean bit of the cloth for each area of my face. Then, I rinse out the cloth, removing all traces of make-up (I hate having dirty cloths with smudges of make-up), and leave it to dry on my towel rail. 

I don't dry my face after the first cleanse so my skin is slightly wet for me to apply my Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator- this exfoliator is great as it avoids using microbeads, which are incredibly damaging to our environment, and instead uses jojoba beads instead, which are a great, natural alternative as they are biodegradable. Exfoliators can be damaging to the skin, so I try to massage this in as softly as possible whilst still having an impact. I apply this all over my face, concentrating mostly on my nose, as it is the driest part. I rinse this off with luke-warm water and either a flannel or just my hands.

Second Cleanse
I gently (notice my repetitive use of the word!) pat my face dry with a soft towel to prepare my skin for Avène's Extremely Gentle Cleansing Lotion, which I pour a pea size drop onto my fingers and again, gently massage this into my skin. This product is great because you can leave it as it is, there is no need to wipe it off, and therefore it is super moisturising.

You guessed it- this is the step where I use a toner. I apply Garnier Fresh Essentials Invigorating Toner on a cotton pad. I got this toner for Christmas and so far it seems kind of.. meh. It smells like the 2in1 shampoo and conditioner my nan has. 

First I use Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion on a cotton pad which I sweep over and under my eyes, and then I apply Avène Soothing Eye Cream. This eye cream is nice, but I lack experience of other eye creams to know if this is any good.

Now, I roll Balance Me Radiance Face Oil over my T-zone, and lightly massage it in until fully absorbed. This may sound scary to apply an oil to your face, but I love this one as it restores the oils to my face without leaving an oily residue. However, this is the only oil I have tried- Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is on my wish list, but the only way I'll be able to afford that on a student budget would be if some magic fairy godmother gifted it to me!

The final step of my evening skin-care routine is applying a moisturiser. I absolutely adore Avène Hydrance Optimale Riche- this is the rich version without SPF but for those who don't need a heavy moisturiser, there is a light version too. This moisturiser is brilliant- it moisturises my skin beautifully, doesn't feel greasy and doesn't feel like I'm just smearing it across my skin- instead it feels like my skin is lovingly drinking it up, like a lusted-after glass of ice water on a swelteringly hot day. I finally apply Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream to my lips.

The Morning After~

In the mornings, my routine is much simpler. I wash my face with luke-warm water and a flannel, and then pat dry. I cleanse again with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, and if polishing my face with the muslin cloth is enough to remove dry skin, I moisturise with the Avène Hydrance Optimale Riche. If not, I sandwich in a very light exfoliation, concentrating only on the dry patches, such as my nose before moisturising. 

And that's it!

I am lazy, and therefore this routine does not get carried out in full everyday, however, I can really tell the difference it does.

If you want to create your own routine, but don't know how to start, I can't recommend Caroline's blog enough- at least check out her cheat sheets!

Thank you for reading!


Mia x

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