My Mac Lipstick Collection

April 23, 2017

 Hello again!

Okay, so this post is probably a little basic and probably over-done. But I feel like it's a classic post and Mac lipsticks are pretty much the most iconic lipsticks ever. Mac have such an amazing colour range and selection of finishes so it's no wonder that their lipsticks are so popular. The first lipstick from Mac that I ever bought was All Fired Up and I remember being so obsessed with it and wearing it 24/7. This destroyed my lips as it's a retro-matte finish (the matte-est of the matte!) but with the introduction of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream into the mix, this was no longer an issue. My collection has been growing slowly since then and now I have a decent-sized collection of ten lipsticks from Mac!

So, on to the whole collection!
In order from left to right: Japanese Maple, Shy Girl, Honeylove, Myth, All Fired Up, Russian Red, Chili, Retro, Studded Kiss, Heroine.

Japanese Maple: This is a great nude to wear with a smokey eye. It's super creamy and has a sheer coverage being a creme-sheen finish. It's a slightly peachy nude, like a more muted version of Shy Girl. It's great to pop on when you've got a lot going on with the eyes and want to mute down the lips a bit!

Shy Girl: I love this shade so much. It's an amazing peachy nude and is probably my most used lipstick from my collection. This is one of the first nude lipsticks I ever bought and I got it so right with this colour. Sometimes I forget about this lipstick for months at a time and then I rediscover it and fall in love all over again.

Honeylove: This is a great, matte nude that goes great with a smudgy, grunge-y eye. My mum bought this lipstick for me from duty-free on our way to Iceland for my birthday last year so it will always be super special to me. It's on the pinker side which is the type of nude I think I prefer.

Myth: I bought this lipstick because it looked so great on sunbeamsjess. Unfortunately, this lipstick looks awful on me. I'm just too pale for it and it really washes me out so it's being regifted to my lovely mum as it will likely suit her better. It's a super pale nude and it just makes me look like I have 'concealer lips'.

All Fired Up: As mentioned earlier, this is the first Mac lipstick I bought for myself. It's an amazing, vibrant, blue-toned pink that looks amazing on absolutely everyone. It's a retro-matte finish which is super powdery; it lasts all day because of this. It's a great colour for spring so I'm looking forward to cracking it out with some winged liner.

Russian Red: This is the best red. Ever. It's blue-toned so it makes your teeth look pearly-white and it's so pigmented. It's a great matte and is such a classic. It's one of Dita Von Teese's favourite reds too. Just sayin'.

Chili: I call this my 'Parisian red'. It's quite a bricky red, and leans more on the orange side. It's another matte, which is definitely my favourite finish of lipstick. I think this colour is so great, it's super autumnal and warm.

Retro: I don't really know how to describe this one, but it's a beautiful colour. It's a dark, pinky-browny nude. I bought this lipstick because I wanted to look like a housewife from the 40s. Not sure if I achieved that one, but this lipstick is still a great colour.

Studded Kiss: I had this vision of a dark red lipstick, that wasn't a berry. It took so many swatches from so many lipsticks until I finally found the one. This is so vampy and so cool. I have quite a small mouth and this just accentuates that but I still love it. I love wearing this with my leather jacket and hoping I look at least half as cool as I envisage myself to.

Heroine: This is a wild card! Heroine is a bright purple that I thought I would never suit but I actually love the way this looks. I hardly ever wear it as it's quite an out-there colour but it is actually quite wearable so long as you have the confidence to wear it! This is such a great colour for festivals, I like to go overboard with the glitter on my face and put this on my lips, it's a great look, I swear!

Let me know what your favourite Mac lipsticks are!
Thanks for reading,

Mia x

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